G.I. Blues

Tulsa (Elvis Presley), Rick (James Douglas) and Cookey, three Army buddies stationed in West Germany, spend most of their off-duty time together. When they're not playing music as a combo, they frequent their favourite nightclub. The main attraction: a long-legged, redheaded dancer named Lili (Juliet Prowse). Lili has a reputation with the G.I.'s - her act is hot, but her heart is cold. Many have tried (none successfully) to melt this beautiful icicle. Pooling all their money, Rick and Cooky bet that Tulsa will succeed when all others have failed. In proper military fashion, Tulsa zeroes in on his target, begins manoeuvres and gains solid ground in the early skirmishes. But Tulsa's impressive progress hits an unexpected snag: he falls in love. And how does he explain the wager to Lili without losing her forever?

The Elvis series includes:
- Fun in Acapulco
- Roustabout
- Girls, Girls, Girls
- Paradise, Hawaiian Style
- King Creole
- Blue Hawaii

G.I. Blues
Comedy Spilletid: 104 Prod.år: 1960
Channel 5 engelsk 5014226012025


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